Alternative ActiveRecordProxies

The original ActiveRecordProxies have one very annoying problem. When you change a value on an object, the object is immediately saved to the database. This way you miss the best part about the Active Record pattern and it makes bindings unusable. When a user changes a value in the view, he should be able to save or reload. Saving the change immediately to the database would make that almost impossible.

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Leopard Kerberos Configuration Mayhem

Editing the file /Library/Preferences/ might not always get you the expected result in Leopard. After editing my kerberos realm with, I didn’t see the expected changes. After sniffing on the network I realized the client was still trying to connect to the old kdc server. It took me quite some time to figure out why the change in the configuration file did not cause the client to use the new kdc.

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Open Source Software on Mac OS X Done Right

Installing open source software on Mac OS X can be a pain in the ass. Now there is an alternative to Fink or MacPorts. The Rudix project delivers open source software for Mac OS X in the Right Way. Everything is delivered as a standard Mac OS X installer package. Just double click to install. How cool is that?